Material Of Construction
The equipment is constructed from rugged, powder coated, steel structure with attractive standard blue/silver grey contrast paint. It can also be supplied in stainless
steels as option.
Main Feeding Pipe
3” main pipe constructed from GI steel is provided in the equipment to receive the fluid from the feeder pipe line. A shut off valve is provided to isolate the equipment from feeder pump in case of maintenance. Flow Control System
Initially coarse filling is done, followed by fine filling to get the precise desired weight. This is achieved by accurate flow control valve (s).
Pneumatic System

  • Guided Pneumatic Up / Down movement of nozzle to engage / disengage nozzle with container.
  • Guided Pneumatic Fwd / Reverse movement of Ink Droplet Collection Tray to bring the trey underneath the nozzle to prevent falling of droplets on the weighing platform.

Conveying System
Following conveyors are provided in the system to build ergonomics of the equipment:

  • Inlet Conveyor: To carry empty containers.
  • Weighing Conveyors: To facilitate smooth transfer of filled container from the weighing platform.
  • Outlet Conveyor: Optionally can be provided.

Sequence of Filling Operation
After operator places empty container on weighing platform, filling nozzle shall engage with the container and start filling. A weighing system monitors the quantity
being filled and stops filling upon reaching the target weight.

Control System
Jointly developed with Encon Systems, provides flexibility and complete interlock with the machine. The best available industrials components are used for the system for safety, reliability, and ease of operations.

Specification Sheet

Capacity/Filling range 50g to 1500KG
Accuracy of Filling +/-0.1% to 0.25% of the filled volume
Filling System Flow Control / Batching Valve
Electrical System Control panel with PLC and weighing electronics.
Separate display for operator.
Pneumatic System Guided Pneumatics Cylinders for up nozzle movement and ink droplet tray
Filling Sequence Coarse and fine filling
Conveying System Optional and can be customized
Filling nozzles 1 - 4, Can be increased as per requirement