Ishida's screw feeder multihead weigher is designed to handle particularly movement-resistant foods, including fresh meat, poultry and seafood, cooked pasta, or other difficult to handle sticky products.

CCW-R Screw Feeder Multihead Weigher

Screw feeders
The rotation rate of screw feeders in the radial troughs can be adjusted to meet product characteristics, providing precise control of product supply to the pool and weigh hoppers.

Designed to prevent sticking
SUS embossed surfaces on radial troughs, pool and weigh hoppers, pool hopper fences and discharge chutes insure maximum weighing accuracy by preventing product sticking. Plastic pool and weigh hoppers are available as an option.

Easy to clean
All contact parts can be disassembled without tools for cleaning. The SUS main body is corrosion resistant and meets HACCP standards for washdown.

High performance multihead weigher
Model CCW-R-214WB-1S/30-WP
Weighing Capacity/ Range
(per single dump)
up to 800g up to 1,600g
Weighing Accuracy (MAX)* X < 0.5g~1.0g X < 1.0g~2.0g
Maximum Volume for Weighing
(per single dump)
4.5 litres
Weighing Speed (MAX)** 45 WPM
Minimum Graduation 0.2 g 0.5 g
Touch Screen Display (RCU) 12.1” TFT Color LCD
Weigh Cell Double-beam strain gauge load cell
Number of Presets 200
Material Product surfaces are made of stainless steel or other sanitary materials.
Machine Weight 450 kg
Options Various options are available.
Please contact Ishida distributors.
Structure of Waterproof Machines IP66 Approval
Air Consumption 155 L/min.(ANR) 0.4-1.0 Mpa
Air hose -PT 3/8” (for air dryer connection)
Note: Air compressor must be provided by the end user.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Depends on target weight, weighing speed and conditions
** Depends on product shape, product density, target weight, etc.
CCW-R Linear Multihead Weigher

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